Press Release

More / Less further explores shifts in contemporary visual culture, as revealed through the vision of collectors, Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz. Comprised of over 200 works, More / Less continues the collection’s ongoing study of the intimate link between gesture, abstraction, and written language.

“We always try to build relationships with the artists in the collection. Our exhibitions are a collective effort that includes the voice of the artists. This exchange helps us build possibilities that extend beyond our understanding of current art practices, and allows for the inclusion of the artists’ vision.” – Rosa de la Cruz

“In our case,” says Carlos de la Cruz, “we have deliberately focused on art produced during the last 30 years. We believe that this questions the issues that are relevant today. As Pablo Picasso said, ‘Neither is there figurative and non-figurative art. Even in metaphysics ideas are expressed by forms.’”

Chris Dougnac
de la Cruz Collection
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